Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meat Diet Is Worse than Cars for Global Warming

Do you know eating meat is more harmful in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission than driving cars? According to Meat Eater’s Guide published today by Environmental Working Group (EWG), if a 4-people household abstains from eating meats one day every week, the resulting reduction of GHG is equivalent to abstaining car use for five weeks. Take a look at the following chart showing the impact of meat diet, shown in equivalent car mileage for GHG emission. (You can check out the guide at http://breakingnews.ewg.org/meateatersguide/eat-smart/, where this chart is from.)

Lamb is the worst, followed by beef, cheese, then pork. Be mindful of post-production GHG as well. Not only production, but disposal of meats also generate large amount of GHGs. Meats from ruminant animals (such as cows and lambs) generate methane gas, a GHG 25 times stronger in greenhouse gas effect than CO2.

What you can do is very simple, and easy. Do not eat meat one day per week. Meatless Monday is a campaign promoting reduced consumption of meat, by pledging to go meatless one day every week on Monday. Besides the benefits for our green planet, you can also expect health benefits, since meat diet is directly related to many serious health problems such as heart diseases and cancers.

You can join the movement by signing your pledge at the following link: http://www.meatlessmonday.com/join-the-movement/

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