Friday, October 28, 2011

12 Ways to Do Things Differently

I am a subscriber to BNet, a site that barrages you with nice advices not only about your business but about your life as well. Jeff Haden, a blogger for business owners, published this wonderful posting, for which I could not help the urge to share with others. Sometimes you want to do things in different ways, out of frustration coming from a deadlock, or just for the sake of a change. Here are 12 tips on how to do it effectively: 5 aspects, 12 actions plans.

1. Switch measurement. Measure your success with different criteria, and you will look at things from a different perspective.
2. Shift benchmarks. Aiming high is good but can discourage you if you fail the mark. Try to emulate someone with your size.

3. Be yourself. Do not try to be like Steve Jobs. Pick a few traits of theirs and try to emulate them.
4. Let others be who they are. Accept others as they are. Don’t try to change them. Look at their good parts.

5. Help a co-worker. Be specific in your offer. It is more likely to be accepted, and it also shows that you are a caring person.
6. Help a superstar. Because people think they can do it all alone, they lack help when they need it.
7. Help anyone. Help those less fortunate than yourself. You will feel great.

8. Go opposite. When in deadlock, instead of minor adjustment, try something totally different.
9. Drop one thing. Drop your 10th priority task and use the time for your top priority task. You can pick it up later.
10. Change your workday. Break your routine and schedule differently, to kill complacency.

11. Pick a habit. Watch your role model, and pick one habit of his/hers, and make it yours. “Never reinvent a wheel when a perfect wheel already exists.” (Gee, I like this line.)
12. Pick someone to mentor. You learn more when you teach.

My final words are, I suggest you to try one at a time, unless you want to see your willpower deplete really fast.

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