Friday, December 30, 2011

1Q84 - Do NOT read it

I am writing this to save people's time by the tons. 1Q84, by Murakami Haruki, was surely one of those lucky books that took space in many people's reading list this year. But, I will save your time - Do NOT read this terrible book. It took me over a month to finish this book, only to find that I came across the worst book by Murakami, perhaps even worse than Norwegian Wood. It almost feels like I've finished the Twilight saga. Then again, that one made sense at least.

It is pointless to list what are so bad with this book, since I could not really find anything good to mention. Murakami wrote this novel in three parts, publishing books 1 and 2 first and publishing book 3 after about a year. I am not sure - whether he is easily swayed by the public's reception or simply he does not have what it takes to finish what he has started. However, he created a total mess of immature curiosity (I feel sorry for the word curiosity, for goodness's sake), then could not make a plausible meaning out of the havoc.

In conclusion, do NOT read it, and you will save 40+ hours, which can be put to much better use.

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