Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Spark" by John J. Ratey, Eric Hagerman

Spark by John J. Ratey, Eric Hagerman

goodreads.com rating: 4.09
my verdict: yes, solid 4 stars

pro: it reads well, and it makes you feel good (the book makes you believe that you will exercise)
con: somewhat repetitive?

Whatever health trouble you have, begin exercising right now.

Exercise is perhaps the best thing that can happen in your life, if you round up the overall score, after accounting for all the minute plus and minus effects. Even better, it is something that you can ignite, proactively. Whether it happens in your life or not, it is your choice.

I do exercise regularly, and I feel the benefits - psychological as well as physical ones. I do enjoy the positive energy surging in my body when I finish the last lap of burpee in my daily exercise routine.

According to the author, almost all health problems related with the brain can be treated by exercising, at least to a certain degree. Depression, stress, ADHD, hormone imbalance, dementia... the list goes on and on.

However, do not count the author as another self-help book peddler. For example, he is subscribing medicines as well as exercise, which means he does not think that some strong belief can make anything happen. Of course, he is also giving lots of lab results as evidences, but I am one of those who do take statistics with a grain of salt. (I used to make living with statistics, for your information.)

Overall, the book reads well and do not tire readers despite some repetitions. I think this is due to the power of episodes, the true stories of living people around us. This book is not just a pile of information. Actually, it reads like an exercise. Reading this book makes you feel good.

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